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Certify Your Grain Bins & Join The Energy Plus+ Market

Preserving Grain Integrity

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Increase Your Market Pricing With American Edge Grain

AEG Will Identify Your Quality, Make It Accessible to End Users, And Get You Paid For What You Deliver
Do you know what your ATTRIBUTES are worth ($)?
We Do! & We know how to get you paid for them!
We believe in Attribute driven marketing:
  • Elevated Protein, Oil, or Starch
  • Non-GMO or Organic
  • Food Grade
  • Volume, Timing, and Price
  • Management Practices (Regenerative or Sustainable)

Get More Income From Every Bushel

When you grow higher-grade corn, you need a different approach.

American Edge Grain (AEG) is the first data-driven, virtual Grain Attribute Exchange to connect farmers who have grain with premium attributes with the end-users that need them.



AEG offers a fully transparent, end-to-end service – from procurement to sales and delivery. This includes grain management and certification, attribute analysis, real-time bushel availability, pricing, logistics and delivery.

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Become an AEG Certified Producer

Buy/Sell based on attributes valuable to you, not only commodity #2 yellow corn.

NO SEGREGATION, our process is low impact to harvest activities and labor.


Farmer Direct sourcing around these valuable attributes drives lower ration costs and increased production.


In cooperation with over 50 Certified Producers, American Edge Grain has created a process within the grain industry that will preserve and deliver the valued characteristics that are of significant value to the end-user and processor.


By identifying and managing attributes, AEG Certified Producers are able to return to the farm in higher grain payments from end-users.


Interested in becoming an AEG Certified Producer? Click the button below, fill out the form, download more information, and let's chat.

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End Users

By discriminating for quality attributes. AEG Certified End Users can reduce ration costs and increase performance. Pay for the grain attributes that drive margin to your bottom line. Don’t be satisfied with the average grain any longer.​

Certified End Users

Our Certified End User program is designed to give discriminating end users the ability to choose the grain attributes they value. Thought-out and implemented with large scalable volumes, the Certified End User program lets you pick grain that precisely fits your particular recipe. Whether your ration calls for high starch, or you value low oil, (or both), certified end users will know where the grain can be sourced, what it costs, and will be able to calculate the most cost-effective solution for them. Certified End Users have reported increased production and reduced variability over commercial #2 yellow corn. The Certified End User program comes with access to Dashboard Plus+.

Ethanol Plus+

Marketed directly to Ethanol Plants, AEG’s groundbreaking Ethanol Plus+ program arms the plants and grain buyers with information about grain attributes before the grain is ever delivered to the plant. Coupled with AEG’s proprietary Dashboard Plus+ platform managing a crush for changing market dynamics has never been more precise.

Interested in becoming an AEG Certified End User? Click the button below, fill out the form, and let's chat.

Download End User Information by Clicking Here


Who We Are

American Edge Grain

American Edge Grain (AEG) is the first data-driven, virtual Grain Attribute Exchange to connect farmers who have grain with premium attributes with the end-users that need them.

Getting the most value from every bushel is our priority. AEG offers the ease and reliability of commercial aggregators, but transacts in a way that rewards both producers and customers. With the Dashboard Plus+ tool, customers have access to a secure, encrypted database that catalogs certified grain inventory by attribute, price and producer location.


The PRIVATE Dashboard Plus+ makes the search for desired attributes simple with real-time inventory tracking. Once a customer identifies desired grain, AEG will facilitate the direct transaction between producer and customer. This proprietary tool also includes a contract management system, allowing producers and customers to track contracts, invoices, certification, pathway tracking and more.

.We have created a scalable Grower/End User direct pathway where you will have the ability to seek out and procure specific characteristics not segregated in the industry-standard #2 yellow corn.

30 Mil

Bushels Accessed




Years of Experience


End Users

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Get More Income From


when corn is higher grade than commodity, American Edge Grain offers a better approach.


Growing above-average corn with high-quality attributes, get paid a premium over standard #2.


Looking for high-attribute corn to meet production or feeding needs, access greater margins and productivity over #2 corn.

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