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Tisdale Samplers - Exclusively from American Edge Grain

A critical step to marketing and valuing grain attributes is securing a representative sample.

Quality Sampling = Consistent Results

Tisdale Samplers combined with AEG’s Proprietary Value Identification Program will unlock more value-added incentives resulting in higher profitability.


Sample Handling

The Tisdale Sampler will give an excellent representative sample of each truckload of grain.


Mounts Easily

No need to drill or cut your auger for mounting; Your sampler comes with a pre-drilled mounting plate identical to your auger’s inspection service plate.

  • 12V power


Easily Adjustable

Your sampler can be adjusted for the size of each sample as well as the number of samples taken as the grain goes through the auger.

Tisdale Sampler in Action

Internal View

Mounting the Sampler

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